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What is the main difference between a Sales Agent and a Buyers’ Agent?

What makes BuySide different from other Buyers’ Agents?

Can you organise finance, tax advice, solicitors and pest/building/strata inspections and valuations?

Do you get any kickbacks or commissions from any agents or people you recommend when acting on my behalf?

If I want to search for properties myself, can you evaluate and negotiate for me once I have found it?

How hard do you negotiate to get me the lowest possible purchase price?

What if I find a property myself after registering with you?

What is the buying process and how long will it take?

Once I pay your registration fee is it refundable?

What happens if I cancel or put my search on hold?

What if more than one of your clients wants to purchase the same property?

How do you find ‘silent sales’ or ‘off-market properties’?

How do I know I am not paying too much for a property?

How do I engage your services?



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