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A Sales Agent works for and is paid by their client, that is, the person selling the property. That agent is responsible for advertising and selling the property.

A Buyers’ Agent works for and is paid by their client, the person looking to buy a property. They are responsible for finding the best property for their client and work exclusively for the buyer.

We feel that if you’re looking to maximize your return in property, then focusing on strong capital growth while minimizing risk is the most effective way. To do that we have access to exclusive data that is not available to the general market which we then analyse and align with our market research. Our principal, Josh Masters, is also a leading property expert and published author and has appeared in major news publications and broadcasts.

Absolutely. We have partnerships with a team of professionals who can help you with conveyancing and legal issues, pest, building and strata inspections, and with valuations. We can also put you in touch with an accountant, financial planner or mortgage broker depending on your needs.

BuySide buyers’ agents do no receive any kickbacks or commissions from any other parties. We are paid on a fee-for-service from our clients and all fees are made fully transparent.

Yes. If you would like to do the property search yourself, we can evaluate and negotiate on your behalf.

Before we start the negotiation process, we get an independent valuation done on the property, which gives us a price range to work with and lets you rest easy that you’re not overpaying. We then use a number of negotiation techniques that we’ve sharpened over the years of buying property to get you the best possible deal.

If you find a property yourself after registering with BuySide and you wish to pursue the property yourself, we can simply cancel the Agreement and you receive your money back. Alternatively, we can act on your behalf to secure the property successfully using our own negotiation tactics and buying process.

First, one of our buyers’ agents will meet you with to discuss your property requirements including your budget and localities you might like to focus on.

The agent will provide you with an Agency Agreement which explains our terms & conditions, and we ask you to complete it and sign to engage our services.
Once you return the signed Agreement, we can begin looking for the property which will best suit your needs.

When we find one we think will suit, we send you a summary of the property’s features, and if you approve, we can order the contract and order the relevant building reports which we review and summarise for you.

If you decide you would like to make an offer on the property, we will discuss price negotiations with you first, then make an offer to the Sales Agent.
If the offer is accepted, we will then arrange to exchange contracts.

We then confirm the settlement date and co-ordinate next steps with a suitable property manager so that you have a tenant in the property as soon as practical.

Yes your registration fee is refundable at any time up to the point of successful exchange – no questions asked. The full fee is payable only once we have found a property that suits your needs and that you’re happy with and we have successfully negotiated a sale price and exchanged.

You can put your search on hold at any time and you can cancel at any time. If you don’t feel that you would like to continue after this you can simply request a refund on any fees already paid, or if you would like to continue at a later date we can simply hold the registration fee and begin the process again when you choose to.

If we have a number of clients with the same brief then we always consider the first person on the list to have priority. This keeps things fair and makes sure no one waits too long.

We have a list of agents who know the key features we tend to look for when purchasing for our clients and who are happy to let us know about properties which are not advertised to the general public. Because we only deal with qualified buyers and we can also move quickly so agents are more inclined to deal with us.

We can always provide comparable sales figures for a property that you might be considering however the most effective way is to have an independent third party, such as a Valuer, assess the property and provide a full inspection report directly to you.

To engage BuySide’s services, please contact us on 1300 87 99 03 or email us at [email protected] to arrange a free consultation.